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To help you make the most of your Christmas vacation in Pigeon Forge, we have compiled a list of the best activities in and around Pigletown, Tennessee.

We also inform you about the best places to find snow and enjoy the magic of the holidays. See when and how you can see beautiful snow in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains.

Take a trip to Cherokee, NC, where you can spend a day skiing, snowshoeing, skiing and snowmobiling in Smoky Mountain National Park and Gatlinburg.

If you want to play in the snow, you can plan a visit to Upper Gatlinburg for a day of skiing, snowshoeing and tubing. If you like skiing or snowboarding, Gatlinsburg offers many possibilities. Elkmont Campground is located 8 miles from Gatlerburg, Tennessee and is one of the most popular ski and snowboard resorts in Tennessee. Here you can stay comfortably, because you can also ski and snowboard / tubing in and out of Obergatburg!

If you book a longer stay at Smokies, you will have even more time to enjoy the mountains in winter. Not only does it offer a beautiful winter landscape, but even better, it increases your chances of seeing beautiful winter weather on the mountain during this wonderful season.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Gatlinburg, the hottest months are August, July and then June. It is possible that there will be some snow from October to April, but you will want to find out if there will be any snow in Gatlinsburg during the first weeks of November, December or January, so your trip to the smokies will not be in vain. If you want to experience your own snowy winter adventure in Gatlerburg, you can reserve your own Smoky Mountain cabin for just $1,000 per night. But if you want to have the chance to experience the best winter weather in the mountains of Tennessee during the winter months, you can WantTo plan your trips in advance to get the best time for the winter weather, but be sure to be prepared for all weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, sleet and snowfall so as not to be on your trip to smoksies for nothing.

Daytime highs are in the 60s and 70s, but it can sometimes feel a bit nimble with a high of 14.5 degrees, which feels comfortable in the humidity and wind. Daily highs range from 87.3 to 92.2 degrees, with an average high of 87 degrees in Gatlinburg. During the winter months, daily highs will be between 60 and 70, while the average low will be between 60 and 60.

Weather stations report that winter in the smokies is generally moderate, but extreme weather conditions occur, especially with an increase in elevation. Gatlinburg could see some snow in the winter months as the thermometer drops below freezing. In February and especially at the end of January there will probably be plenty of snow.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is at an altitude of 1,280 feet and gets an average of nine inches of snow a year. Therefore, the best place to see snow in Gatlinsburg is high up in the mountains in areas like Newfound Gap. A short drive away is NewfoundGap, where there is more than three times as much snow as the rest of the Smokies and Tennessee's highest mountain, Mount Rainier, is at 3,500 feet.

However, the area is less temperate than tourist destinations worldwide due to its elevation and altitude and its proximity to the Tennessee River.

Temperatures can vary from the mountain base to the summit between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and given the humidity, temperatures feel pleasant all year round, but clear skies below do not guarantee equally pleasant weather at higher altitudes. That's why it's ideal to stay in Gatlinburg, where there's not too much snow. Although the air up there is cold, you can still see snow on the mountains, so you still have great views of snowy mountains in the distance. Not every snow season comes to Gatlinsburg, and not every snowfall season in Tennessee.

Cades Cove and Smokemont are open all year round, and even when Elkmont is full, they can be open all year round. If conditions are bad enough, there are also campgrounds at Cosby Campground, which is located just a few miles south of Gatlinburg on the west side of the mountain. Gatlinsburg Campgrounds on the top of Pisgah National Forest are closed in the winter months due to snowfall, but open in summer.

If you want to see some snow in Gatlinburg, you have to walk up the hill and see Grotto Falls, where a lot of snow surrounds the waterfall. Many visitors don't see snow because Gatlinsburg isn't particularly snowy at this time of year, but there's a good chance you'll see it when you're up on the mountain or at Grottos Falls, where the waterfalls are surrounded by a lot of snow.

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More About Gatlinburg