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While Gatlinburg is known for its charming downtown and attractions, many people will be surprised to learn that it is also home to one of the most popular arts and crafts venues in Tennessee. The historic 8-mile loop, known as the Tennessee Heritage Arts and Crafts Trail, is located in a small mountain town north of Nashville, Tennessee, about 30 miles south of Knoxville. This small mountain town is known to be a popular tourist destination for many different types of people from all walks of life, but it is best known as a tourist attraction for the arts, crafts, music and entertainment scene, as well as for a number of other reasons.

One of the unique shops you will find on the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Loop are Dinwoodie Metal Sculptors. Santa Claus is a craft, and there is even a community clearing in the middle of town, complete with a Christmas tree and Christmas lights. There are a number of other shops along the Tennessee Heritage Art and Crafts Trail.

This art gallery is located in the historic city of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, just a few miles south of the Tennessee Heritage Art and Crafts Trail. It is one of only a handful of art galleries in Tennessee that has a full-time team of artists and artists in their residences.

This historic trail, called the Tennessee Heritage Arts and Crafts Trail, began in 1937 when local artisans decided to make and exhibit their wares at home. It started as an art gallery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, just a few miles south of the Tennessee Heritage Art and Crafts Trail. This historic trail, called the "Art and Craftsmanship Trail of Tennessee," begins in 1937, when local artisans decided to make and exhibit their warts and wares at home.

As Gatlinburg became a popular destination, visitors marveled at the artistically crafted goods and artwork of the locals who created a thriving metallurgical industry.

In fact, the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community is the largest and most diverse arts and crafts community in Tennessee. If you want to craft, you can find more information about the history of arts and crafts in Gatlinsburg, Tennessee, on the website.

Limited edition of the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community website, available for purchase on the website and in print on our website.

Otto is inspired by the beauty of the Smoky Mountains and so many of his carvings bring nature and quirkiness to houses, huts and gardens. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Gatlinburg Craft Community, a multitude of studios and shops that house a wide variety of arts, crafts and crafts for men and women. While it is easy to reach the craft shops by car, another good way to bypass the loop road is to use the craft. If you want to visit a few other places besides the craft, you can also go to the other side of the city.

If you want to tinker with Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals during your vacation, visit the Black Bear Inn & Suites. If you stay in the manufacturing facility, you can also stay in the Blue Ridge Inn and suite for a few nights while you do some DIY.

Gatlinburg is home to many art galleries and craft shops, as well as a variety of clothing, jewelry and clothing stores. Learn more about Gatlinsburg and then visit some of the many museums and galleries in the city, such as the Tennessee Museum of Natural History, the National Historic Landmarks Museum, and the American Heritage Museum.

Crafts is one of the most popular craft stores in Gatlinburg, Tennessee when staying at Hearthside Cabin Rentals. There are a variety of arts and crafts shops, such as the Gatlinsburg Arts & Crafts Museum, and there are many other craft shops in the city, as well as many art galleries and shops on the outskirts. When we stayed in Amazing Views Cabin, we could shop at many of these shops and other local arts and crafts markets.

If you want to go souvenir shopping while on vacation in Gatlinburg, be sure to visit the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community. The gallery pictured above is one of the most popular arts and crafts stores in the city of Gatlinsburg. If you're looking for unique souvenirs to take home, visit these wonderful art galleries in and around Gatlerburg!

The Arts & Crafts Community is located on East Parkway in Gatlinburg, TN, and consists of an 8-mile loop lined with art galleries, shops, restaurants, not to mention some great restaurants. Whether you're visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or visiting the Smokies at one of the many Art & Crafts Festivals, you can watch artisans and craftsmen at work. In addition to these wonderful studios and shops, there is also the Gatlinsburg Arts and Crafts Community. The original building at the center of this great arts and crafts community was built and designed by Knoxville architects Barber & McMurry in 1941, and the company also designed many other historic buildings in the city of Gatlerburg and many others throughout the state.

More About Gatlinburg

More About Gatlinburg